A presentation agency.


Let’s be clear.

Miscommunications cost businesses billions of dollars each year.

Clear plans, actionable research, sound strategies, and accurate reports fuel critical business decisions every day.

How do we deliver this thinking? Presentations.

CRISPY helps maximize the communication potential of high performance teams by transforming their output into actionable, visually compelling presentations.

Letting miscommunications get in the way of business is... bad business.

So, Let's be clear.



Full-service. On-demand. Scalable.

CRISPY provides on-demand storytelling, writing, design, formatting, and data visualization services exclusively for presentations.

Our lean operating model rapidly scales to meet larger project demands and allowing us to tackle hundreds of slides in a single day.

Whether it’s a simple reformatting job, or an end-to-end writing and design assignment, we’re ready to go whenever you are.





Data Visualization



Smooth-as-butter support for brand teams.

Internal communication with a large, global team is hard enough.

Having to also worry about stellar decks on top of that? Too much.

In our past life, we spent over a decade working at major global advertising agencies partnering with some of the biggest brands in the world.

We’re used to a higher level of service, and understand the meaning of tight deadlines and work executed to perfection.

We help brand teams by:

Overhauling major documents

Prepping for planning meetings or workshops

Quickly cleaning up reports or research

Writing a compelling story for a major meeting 


Behind-the-scenes help for agencies.

We understand the pace of work and the level of expectations that high octane agencies have because we spent over a decade working in them. 

And we also know that sometimes a little deck help goes a long way.

We're cool with:

  • White labeling, integrating with your team, being client-facing, or being a silent partner

  • Quick turnarounds, and ridiculous deadlines

  • Being a long-term partner on high profile projects

We help agencies by:

Visually cleaning up deliverables

Structuring powerful narratives pitch decks

Reformatting reports

Acting as an additional resource when needed



Fast, but never furious.

Before CRISPY, we worked with major brands and agencies for over a decade and we also come from a creative agency background.

As such, we aim to exceed the level of service that high perfoming teams are used... with a few small tweaks.

We’re fast. We prefer to move fast and get work done. Why make a big deal about something that should be quick and simple?

We’re lean. Being organizationally lean provides us with serious flexibility and ensures those doing the work are closer to our clients.

We’re scalable. For bigger jobs, we tap into deeply trusted, preferred subcontractors to expand capabilities without passing on overhead costs.


Brevity is the soul of a presentation.

Couldn’t we all use a bit more time to think and make decisions?

When it comes to story, CRISPY believes in one thing: brevity.

Our storytelling and writing services ensure no time is wasted getting to the point.

Additionally, this ensures your decks  are clear, actionable, and memorable.


We process visuals 60,000 times faster than words.

While every presentation needs a great story, it also needs a great visual story.

We are visual creatures, and what goes on the slide matters far more than we think.

This is why one of our primary services is presentation design and reformatting.

Within a shockingly short period of time, we can transform any deck into a presentation that sets a new bar within your organization - all matched perfectly to any visual guidelines.




CRISPY incorporated many different trains of thought into a concise message. Our finished creds deck and template turned out beautiful.

– VP Marketing, West Coast Media Agency


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